Ms. Lange's VEPK Supply List

1 regular big size backpack (No wheels or toddler size)

1 1 inch white binder with clear front pocket

1 large pencil storage box (labeled with your child's name to keep your child's supplies)

1 box Crayola Crayons - 24 count

1 box Crayola classic markers 8 count

2 Pack Elmers Glue sticks

1 Elmers liquid glue

1 box tissues

2 hand sanitizers

1 Headphones (labeled with your child's name)

*Please send in an extra clothing outfit that can be left here at school. In the event your child has an accident and soils his/her clothes, we can change the outfit. Be sure to place their clothes in a clear labeled zip lock bag.

**If your child is not yet toilet trained, it is your responsibility to send in wipes, diapers and/or pull ups. Keeping an extra pkg of wipes, diapers/pull ups here at school is encouraged. We will alert you when running low.

Ms. Orton's VPK Supply List

1 KinderMat

1 pair Ear buds

1 Plastic Folder (green, 2 pockets with brads)

2 Composition Notebook

1 Plastic Pencil Box

1 Crayola Crayons (24pk)

1 Crayola Washable Markers (Classic colors)

2 Elmer's Glue (4oz bottles)

1 pkg #2 pencils

For girls:

1 package Baby Wipes

1 box Quart size plastic bags (50 count or more)

For boys:

1 box Gallon bags

2 rolls scotch tape (roll only, no dispenser)

Wish List (optional but helpful)

Hand Sanitizer

Expo Markers (4 pack)

White, plain paper plates (100 count)

Clear Contact Paper

Avery Labels (1"x2 5/8") #6240

Color Copy Paper/Cardstock


Student scissors (blunt tip)

Glue sticks

Craft wiggly eyes